About Me

Welcome to my blog, hope you will enjoy your stay.


My name is Laura Meldrum. I live with my husband in a beautiful part of Queensland called MOUNT OSSA,QLD.


I’m a person of various interests about which I would love to tell you more. First off, let me tell what motivated me to creating this blog. I always considered writing as this creative and fascinating outlet, but I never made any serious attempts to write something myself. It all changed when I finally decided to take a creative writing course.


This opened my eyes to a myriad of possibilities and showed me how to put my thoughts on paper. I decided, that I want to progress and develop my workshop. Blog seemed as a perfect medium to do it, as not only I get to develop myself, but also, I get to share my passions and hobbies with other, like minded people.


Obviously, I’m not going to write only about…Writing. This blog is mostly about home improvement. I want to show you, how you can make your house look warm and pleasant. Also, as I’m always curious of learning new things myself, this will be a great place to share ideas and have a nice conversation in the comments section.


Aside from writing and home improving, I also love spending time in the kitchen, experimenting with various tastes and creating delicious food. I will write few notes on this subject as well and share with you some recipes. And, as with home improving- I also hope to learn something from you.


My fourth great love is traveling. This might seem a bit surprising as I mentioned being a cooking loving housewife before, but yes. I don’t limit myself only to the comfort of my house. And I really hope to show how beautiful Australia is to my readers from other countries.


So, there you go. If you want to learn something new, share ideas and walk with me on my journey towards becoming a better writer, make yourself comfortable. I have lot to share and I hope that I will keep you interested.